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Tape Extrusion Line

Complete range of PP & HDPE extrusion lines all with most advanced technological solution for flat yarn. The machine is designed to offer the customer with combination of quality and flexibility.

Lamination or extrusion coating

Fabric produced may require to be coated. HDPE woven sacks are laminated with LLDPE/LDPE while in case of polypropylene bags, lamination is done by lamination grade polypropylene.


The process of weaving is automatic and continuous in nature. Numbers of circular looms are installed so as to match the effective output of the woven sack manufacturing plant.


Fully computerized printing machines are used to ensure that your sack is labeled with both accuracy and efficiency. After the printing, the sacks are then transferred to a different department for stitching.

Cutting, Stitching & Finishing

After dying of fabric is done , it goes to cutting department. Fabric is arranged in layers & cut according to your product pattern needs . All the body parts such as front back body, gusset, handle of a bag are stitched together in stitching machine.

Checking & Packing

Finished bags are quality checked for any kind of errors. If any error is found then it is mended & rectified.